Jawa Timur Park 2 Goes To School


Introducing children to the world of animals could be done since they are still an early age. That is what was done by the East Java Park Group. Jawa Timur Park 2 Goes to School programme with the theme I Love Animalsis a form of support of Jawa Timur Park Group on wildlife conservation in Indonesia. This program is a way of Jatimpark Group to introduce animals in detail in early childhood.

The children will be invited to interact with the animals imported directly from Batu Secret Zoo. They will also get education about how to care for animals and an explanation of the life cycle of the animals and their habitats in the school directly. The program is free of charge.


Contact Person :

Rizal F. (081945909707)

Agung (087859492969)

Devinna (082244165026)

Hotline 0341-5025777

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